About Incubit Vision Services

Incubit Vision Service is an image recognition development service using deep learning provided by Incubit Inc. We'll help you identify and solve problems you face by utilizing your data effectively and providing a customized image recognition solution that fits your unique needs.

Features of development services

High precision recognition using deep learning

At its core, Incubit Vision Services is a deep learning based image recognition model. By being able to perform image recognition tasks with near-human level precision, we are able to accelerate and even automate tasks that previously could only have been performed by specialists.

Custom development based on your needs

Our clients have unique datasets and unique problems that they want to solve. In order to address our client's unique needs, we provide a customized algorithm as well as additional services such as support with gathering the right training data and designing a sustainable process to create the best image recognition model that works for them.

Various implementation options

We are able to adapt to various forms of implementation such as implementation in closed or disconnected networks in factories, to using WEB API calls. In addition, we are able to leverage our existing partnerships with companies specialized in IoT and industrial equipment manufacturing to create a total package solution that includes components such as auto-piloted drones and customized factory automation industrial equipment.

for Inspection

For Inspections

Automate tasks that traditionally could only be performed manually such as defect/anomaly detection in the manufacturing or infrastructure maintenance/non-destructive inspection industry. Improve efficiency in time consuming and seasonally fluctuating tasks with uniform and accurate results.

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for Industrial Robots

For Industrial Robots

We develop eyes for industrial robots using deep learning to automate processes that were previously difficult to accomplish. By applying deep learning to processes that were previously only able to be accomplished by trained human eyes, it reduces the need for direct human intervention.

for Human Analysis

For Human/Facial Recognition

Automatically recognize human movements, faces, and emotions to identify individuals and analyze human traffic flow to improve marketing and security. For security purposes, pinpoint individuals in a crowd by identifying suspicious traits and activities. For marketing purposes, capture changes in customer’s eyes and facial expressions during online customer engagements to more accurately predict customer interests and satisfaction.

for Custom Use

Order-Made Development

In order to address our client's unique needs, we provide the following additional services to create a customized sustainable image recognition solution: - Support with gathering and labeling data - Customized deep learning algorithm design and development - Customized web system interface development

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Development Samples

Wall Crack Detection

Anomaly Detection using Unsupervised Learning

Traffic volume Analysis via Vehicle Recognition

Image Recognition Model to detect Tomatos

Implementation Methodology

1. Initial Hearing

First, please feel free to contact us via the form below! We’ll get in touch with you to discuss your business needs.

2. Data Review

We review your data and based on it, we’ll propose project feasibility and design. If you don’t have data yet, we’ll support you to design and develop the optimal data acquisition methods.

3. Image Recognition Model Development

Once the contract is signed, we develop the algorithm based on your data. We’ll support you to create a sustainable solution by assisting with collecting and labeling data and creating the algorithm and image recognition model.This stage takes around one to two months.

4. Implementation

Once development is completed, we’ll construct a production ready environment. We respond flexibly based your business requirements, whether you would like to perform WEB API calls or incorporate the model into your existing operations.

5. Maintenance/Tuning

After implementation, based on the data gathered from the image recognition model, we regularly tune the model to improve accuracy.

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